Sympathy for Data is a framework for automation of data analysis. It is built on top of the powerful programming language: Python.

When working in Sympathy you build workflows. Workflows are both visual presentations of the steps that need to be taken in order to perform your specific data analysis task, but under the surface it also contains all the code necessary to perform that data analysis. This makes the actual process more transparent.

It allows for different user groups to use the tool in different ways. Some will simply run existing workflows, others will create workflows or modify existing ones, and yet others will create nodes, the components that are used to build workflows.

Sympathy is built to encourage reuse and sharing at all levels. Nodes use a few standardized data types to ensure that they will work well together. Parts of workflows can be split into modular linked subflows and reused in other workflows.

Sympathy is built on top of a powerful stack of technologies for doing scientific computing.

Output example and data viewer