Reporting issues

In some cases Sympathy may fail to perform as expected. Nodes that normally work well may in some combination of configuration and input data behave in undesired ways. For example, they could “crash” - producing a traceback - or fail to produce reasonable results. Undesired behavior is not limited to nodes, but also includes the platform itself. For example, failure to open particular workflow files, application crashing, etc.

If you encounter undesired behavior along the lines outlined above, please feel encouraged to report issues to allow us to learn from your experiences and try to improve the application.

We try to make the issues anonymous and will not on purpose include personal or sensitive information. Some basic information about the operating environment is automatically included in the issue text. If there is anything automatically included that you would like to leave out: simply edit the texts to change the content of what is sent. Please check carefully, before sending, that the information presented is something that you would like to share with us.

Issues with nodes

Issues with nodes can be reported for any node from the standard library. If you encountered issues after running, there might be some entry in the Messages window. Right-clicking on such entries will allow you to select Report Issue to open up the issue reporting form.

When creating issues this way, the text from the Messages window will be automatically included.

Issues with the platform

In case of severe problems and problems with the platform, you can find the Report Issue menu entry under the Help menu. This path allows you to author issues freely, but does not help with including tracebacks like in the case of issues reported for specific nodes. If you can find a reproducible way to make the platform fail, try starting it with a console and check if a traceback or severe warning text is found in the output, if so, include that in the details.