Why Sympathy for Data?

Open Source, flexible, extensible and powerful!

Sympathy for Data empowers you to structure data and get insight into it quickly through its easy to use user interface. The extensive standard library and reusable components allow you to quickly and flexibly solve a wide range of tasks, from manual data inspection to building reusable data processing workflows.

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What is Sympathy for Data?

Software platform for data analysis

Sympathy for Data is an open-source platform for building and running data analytics and data science applications. It targets all domains where offline data analysis is challenging and repetitive. Sympathy's focus is on automating the access, merging and transformation of data as well as the analysis and visualization.


When Sympathy for Data?

Use it throughout the entire organization

Sympathy's flexible configuration options allow usage throughout a whole organization. It can be deployed as a standalone application, integrated into a server environment and used together with other enterprise solutions. Sympathy aims to work as a superglue solution between different existing solutions and does not intend to lock you into the platform.


Automation is the key to long term success

  • Cross platform support

    Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux.

  • Scripting

    Modules are written in Python.

  • Internal Storage

    Open industry-standard format: HDF5.

  • Customize

    Data types, nodes and libraries

  • Configuration

    Easy to create custom configuration GUIs.

  • Plugin

    Plugin importer/exporter architecture.

Provided by Combine:

Enterprise version

Sympathy for Data Enterprise is the commercial, enterprise-grade version of Sympathy including support and maintenance, advanced toolkits and an enterprise-friendly license.

Engineering services

As the maintainer and lead developer of Sympathy for Data, Combine offers several engineering services to customers:

  • Development of workflows
  • Development of entire domain-specific applications building on top of Sympathy for Data
  • Development of customizations
  • Get companies started with Sympathy for Data
  • Training
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