Structure difficult amounts of machine data into valuable insights

Sympathy for data lets you build powerful and reusable data analytics applications to help you quickly analyse data with higher confidence for better product development and quality management workflows.

time-series data plotting
Get Started

Easy to get started no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert when working with data analytics tools.


Includes a Python environment with a comprehensive library of data analysis components to get you started with Sympathy for Data as well as several Enterprise Toolkits.


Extensive documentation to help you Extract, Transform and Load your data to get to the data-value faster.

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Interested in the enterprise grade version of Sympathy, including support, maintenance, advanced toolkits and licensing?

Sympathy for Data is perfect for

Quality monitoring

Quality monitoring

Sympathy helps quality engineers & managers who want to improve product quality and solve quality issues by providing a low-code solution to find data insights and save time and effort with reusable data processing workflows. 

R&D data analysis

Research & Development

Our low-code data analysis software enables R&D engineers to quickly and efficiently process and analyze large amounts of data in a visual way. By offering an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that fits into their current workflow it allows them to focus on their R&D efforts while still being confident in doing and sharing analysis work. 

Get smarter insights, faster

The quickest way to monitor machine performance, detect anomalies, and identify potential maintenance or optimisation needs no matter if you’re new to data analytics or have years of experience.

Import any data you’re working on

If you have CSV, Excel, MDF, TDMS, Parquet or simple time stamped log entry files, you can easily import all your data and preprocess it with Sympathy’s built-in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load).

Import any data you’re working on

Transform and merge multiple data sources

Wrangle your data by merging multiple data sources into single data sets, identify gaps and remove outliers to prepare for analysis and automation.

Analyse with confidence

Engineers and analysts use Sympathy’s built-in library of functions to arrive at high confidence insights faster.

Analyse data with confidence

Visualisations your team can easily understand

Sympathy helps you reach better outcomes faster by making sense of data together with confidence

Analyse with confidence
Why sympathy for data

Sympathy for Data makes data analysis accessible to everyone

nodes icon

Low-code with an intuitive node base GUI

baby icon

Works well for those new to data analytics as well as those experienced in data analytics and Python programming

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Easy to share workflows and reports as well as entire applications

Time series data analysis

Import all kinds of machine or rig data in an instant using our intuitive GUI and create reusable data processing workflows from our tried and tested library of components.

Effortless time-series data analysis

Use Sympathy for Data to

automate workflows icon

Automate testing & validation processes

detect data anomalies icon

Detect data anomalies

Preprocess data icon

Quick feedback loops when analysing data

Pre-process data icon

Preprocess data with Sympathy’s built-in ETL

Experiment with data icon

Experiment with the intuitive node-based UI

create better data-driven stories icon

Create better data-driven stories

Build and deploy predictive models icon

Build and deploy predictive models

Easily combine data from multiple sources icon

Easily combine data from multiple sources

different databases that integrate to Sympathy - Excel, SQL, MDF, Mongo DB, TDMSdatabases that work with Sympathy
Sympathy for data logo

Easy to get started, no matter where you’re coming from

Analyse and visualize all your MDF (Measurement Data Format) files using our library of tried and tested components and presets.

Continue your analysis from where you left off

We understand you already have got some data processed, which is why Sympathy can easily become a continuation to your workflow.


A comprehensive library of components

A comprehensive library of components

An enormous library of components to help you hit the ground running.

A Beginner's Guide to Nodes and Workflows

A Beginner's Guide to Nodes and Workflows

Explore the basics of Sympathy, a powerful data analysis tool that simplifies complex workflows using configurable, interconnected nodes for seamless data processing and sharing.

ML analysis

ML analysis

Extract image data, statistics, convert images in a list into a row of features or even transform. The possibilities are endless.

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