Why Sympathy for data?

No license costs, flexible and extensible, hides complexity

One goal of Sympathy for Data is to enable users to handle data from many different sources and formats with ease. Connect to databases, select files from different network drives or automatically perform analysis on thousands of Excel-files on your local drive. The platform is developed to handle large data sets together with other kinds of important data like meta data (units, dates etc.), results and/or any other custom data needed for analysis.

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What is Sympathy for data?

Software platform for data analysis

Sympathy for Data is a software platform for data analysis. It targets all domains where offline data analysis is challenging and repetitive. The focus is automating importing, preparing, analysis and reporting. In some aspects it is a visual programming environment. It is used by a number of prominent companies in different areas. Automatization is the key to long term success. Much of the analysis performed today is manually executed. As data grow larger in all aspects manual work is not feasible in the long run. Sympathy for Data supports subscription services to databases, network disks etc. in order to find/filter/sort and analyze newly created data and automatically create formatted reports.


When Sympathy for data?

Use it throughout the entire organization

Sympathy for Data can easily be used throughout an organization due to the flexible configuration options. It can be deployed as a standalone application, integrated in a server environment and used together with other enterprise solutions like SQL Server Integration Services, SharePoint etc. The purpose is not to lock users into the platform instead to work as a superglue connecting systems.


Automatization is the key to long term success.

  • Cross platform support

    Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux.

  • Python or Matlab

    Modules are written in Python or Matlab.

  • Storage

    Data storage format is HDF5.

  • Customize

    Supports tables and custom data types.

  • Configuration

    Easy to create custom configuration GUIs.

  • Plugin

    Plugin importer/exporter architecture.

Provided by Combine:

Engineering services

The intellectual property of Sympathy for Data is held by Combine. Combine develops the tool and provide engineering services for customers using it.

  • Develop the Sympathy platform
  • Develop modules for the platform
  • Ensure production quality
  • Help companies start to use Sympathy
  • Training
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