If we need to update a node in the standard library your existing copies of that node might need migrating. This is often handled automatically by Sympathy, but in some situations you might need to migrate some nodes or overrides manually.

This is signaled by a red migration icon above the node. To perform a migration right-click on the node and select Refactor -> Migrate node. This can update the configuration and ports of the node and even swap it for a completely different node. In all but a few cases this should leave the node working as before. If there is a change to the nodes function you will get a warning during migration.

Migrations and overrides

When migrating a node that is selected in subflow settings, the current overrides for the node will be migrated alongside the node. Any overrides for the node that exist in other syx-files will have to be migrated separately. Again this will often be handled automatically by Sympathy, but if there is a red migration icon on the subflow you need to manually migrate the overrides by right-clicking on the subflow and selecting Refactor -> Migrate overrides.