Periodic Sequence Split Table


Splits tables of data in equidistant points based on the periodicity of an identifier column


Find peaks in a signal and slice the input Table into a list of Tables, where each element contains one peak.

If peaks are found very close to the edges of the data, the first and/or last element may contain unexpected results. If this is the case, use Slice List to remove these elements.


Input ports

sequence table

The sequence to split

Output ports

sequences [table]

The split sequences


Offset of peridodic event (0-100) (lag_offset)

Add lag as a percentage of the discarded data

Peak Detecting Algorithm (peak_detector)

Choose which algorithm to detect periodic events

Samples per peak (samples)

Choose an approximate value for the number of expected samples between peaks

Select column (select_column)

Choose column to use as identifier



class node_sequencesplit.SequenceSplit[source]