Text API

API for working with the Text type.

Import this module like this:

from sympathy.api import text

Class text.File

class sympathy.typeutils.text.File(fileobj=None, data=None, filename=None, mode='r', scheme='hdf5', source=None, managed=False, import_links=False)[source]

A Text type containing arbitrary text, be it Hamlet or some json encoded data structure.

Any node port with the Text type will produce an object of this kind.


Return text data.

classmethod icon()[source]

Return full path to svg icon.

names(kind=None, fields=None, **kwargs)[source]

Return a formatted list with a name and type of the data. columns.


Set text data.

source(other, shallow=False)[source]

Copy the contents from other text.File. Equivalent to update().


Copy the contents from other text.File. Equivalent to source().

classmethod viewer()[source]

Return viewer class, which must be a subclass of sympathy.api.typeutil.ViewerBase