Json API

API for working with the Json type.

Import this module like this:

from sympathy.api import json

Class json.File

class sympathy.api.json.File(filename: Optional[str] = None, mode: str = 'r', **kwargs)

A Json structure.

Any node port with the Json type will produce an object of this type.

classmethod icon()

Return full path to svg icon.

source(other, shallow=False)

Update self with the data from other, discarding any previous state in self.

  • other (type of self) – Object used as the source for (to update) self.

  • shallow (bool) –

    When shallow is True a deepcopy of other will be avoided to improve performance, shallow=True must only be used in operations that do not modify other.

    When shallow is False the result should be similar to performing the shallow=True with a deepcopy of other so that no modifications of either self or other, after the source operation, can affect the other object.

classmethod viewer()

Return viewer class, which must be a subclass of sympathy.api.typeutil.ViewerBase