Scatter 3D Table


Create a three-dimensional plot


In the configuration Table columns are selected along the axes in the plots. There exist differences between the nodes how to do this, but the basic principle is the same. For the actual plots is possible to change both line/marker style and plot style in the plot. Below, the available plot styles are listed. A plot legend is, by default, shown in the plot, but can be hidden by a simple push of a button. The navigation toolbar under the plot let the user zoom and pan the plot window.

Available plot types (3D):
  • scatter

  • surf

  • wireframe

  • plot

  • contour

  • heatmap

The advanced plot controller allows the user to draw two lines parallel to the Y-axis. These can be moved along the X-axis while information about the intersection points between these lines and the plotted data points is shown in a table. If a line is drawn in between two points in the plotted data, the line will always move to the closest point.


Input ports



Input Table

Output ports



Output file

Output directory (directory)

Select the directory where to export the files.

Filename (filename)

Filename without extension.

File extension (filename_extension)

Filename extension

Line style (line_style)

Selectable line styles

Plot type (plot_func)

Selectable plot types

Time basis (tb_names)

Combo of all timebasis

X axis (x_axis)

X axis selection for plot

Y axis (y_axis)

Y axis selection for plot

Z axis (z_axis)

Z axis selection for plot

class node_scatter.Super3dNode[source]

Example flows