Generate Signal Tables


Generate a list of Tables with signals like sine, cosine, etc., with or without random noise.


Available signals are currently sine, cosines or tangent.


If ‘Add random noise’ is checked, random white noise with the specified amplitude will be added to each signal.


Input ports

Output ports



Signal Tables

Column entries (column_entries)

The number of column entries to be generated.

Column length (column_length)

The length of columns to be generated.

Table list length (length)

The length of table list to be generated.

Signal type (signal_type)

The signal to be generated.

Amplitude (amplitude)

The amplitude of the signal to be generated.

Frequency (frequency)

The frequency in inverse samples of the signal to be generated.

Period (period)

The period in samples of the signal to be generated.

Period or Frequency (use_period)

Use Period [Checked] or Frequency [Unchecked] to generate the signal.

Phase offset (phase_offset)

Phase offset in radians of the signal to be generated.

Add random noise (add_noise)

If random noise should be added to the signals.

Amplitude of noise (noise_amplitude)

The amplitude of the noise.

First column as index (index_column)

Add an index column to the beginning of the table.

class node_generate.GenerateSignalTables[source]

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