Configure JSON Parameters



Configure JSON parameters.

The input parameters are likely created by Create JSON Parameters and follows the serialization format used for Sympathy parameters.


The intended scope for this node, and where it will be most useful, is to produce static configurations. To allow configuring a set of parameters with static options. All the basic parameter types can be used so long as the choices are not intended to be dynamic and built from input data.

For dynamic cases, where choices depend on input data, we instead recommend that you create a new library node. Add the parameters that you need and then add the Configuration output port to the node. If you also want to exclude it from the list of library nodes, set:

tags = Tags(Hidden.Gui)

to exclude it from the library.

The node stores configured changes and uses them to modify the parameter structure from the input port.

When data from the input port is unavailable, the stored parameters will be used in full.

Execute simply outputs the resulting parameters as JSON, and by adding the optional output Table Parameters, scalar parameters from the output can be made available in a flat (single row) table.


Input ports



Json Parameters

Output ports



Json Parameters


0 - 1, table

Table Parameters

class node_create_json.ConfigureJsonParameters[source]

Example flows