Dask visualize example


Node example demonstrating graph visualization using dask.


This example shows how to visualize a dask column graph as a image file written to disk.

Output file format is selected by typing the desired file extension. .svg and .png are supported.

This example requires Graphviz to be installed and configured. See Installing Graphviz.

Additionally the graphviz python package is also required, it can be installed by running:

python -m pip install graphviz

in the python environment that is used to run Sympathy.


Input ports

input_table table

Input Table

Output ports

output_datasource 0 - 1, datasource

Output Datasource


Column (column)

Column to visualize.

Filename (filename)

Manually enter a filename (use .svg extensions to get vector graphics)


class node_dask_examples.DaskVisualize[source]