Interpolate ADAF


Interpolate timeseries to a single timebasis.


Input ports

port1 adaf

Input ADAF

Output ports

port1 adaf

Interpolated ADAF


(no label) (bool_interp_method)

Method used to interpolate boolean, text, and byte string data

Time step (dt)

Time step in new timebasis. If old timebasis is of type datetime this is considered to be in seconds.

(no label) (int_interp_method)

Method used to interpolate integer data

(no label) (interpolation_method)

Method used to interpolate other data types

Timebasis to use for interpolation (new_tb)

Timebasis to use as new timebasis for selected timeseries

Export time basis only (only_timebasis)

Choose to only export the time basis

Resample all signals (resample_all_rasters)

Apply resampling to all signals

Choose signals (ts)

Choose signals to interpolate

Time step approach (use_dt)

Choose between a custom time step and using an existing.



class node_interpolation.InterpolateADAF[source]