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Part 1

Importing a CSV File with Sympathy for Data

Learn how you can easily import a CSV data file into Sympathy for Data

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Part 2

Exploring Data with Sympathy for Data

Learn how you can use the data viewer to explore data further

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Part 3

Cleaning Up Data with Sympathy for Data

Cleaning up data with Sympathy

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Part 4

Exporting Data with Sympathy for Data

Learn how you can export data in Sympathy

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Part 5

Creating and Exporting Plots with Sympathy for Data

Creating and exporting plots with Sympathy for Data

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Part 6

Saving and Opening Flows with Sympathy for Data

Learn how you can save and open flows in Sympathy

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Sympathy Workflows

Sympathy uses workflows to help you organise and run your data analysis applications. A workflow is a sequence of nodes that run together to complete a simple or complex function. That way the function of each workflow can be nested, allowing all your applications nodes to run in a decouple but connected fashion. Making it easier to spot and fix issues in your data wrangling processes.

Import any data you’re working on

Insert node functions

Each node can perform certain functions right out of the box. Everything from in built database functions to data analysis, image processing and even machine learning.

Transform and merge multiple data sources

Flexible workspace areas

Everyone has their own preferences on how their workspace should work for them. Which is why Sympathy divides up the software into a number of rectangles called Areas making it possible for users to change the default software layout to match their workflow needs.

The area contains the following:

  • Workflow objects
  • Node builder workspace
  • Insert nodes input
  • Change log indicator
  • Run indicator at the bottom
Flexible work spaces

Node Configuration

Many nodes can be configured to perform their task in different ways. Right clicking on a node and choosing Configure will bring up the configuration GUI for that node. Some nodes have very simple configuration GUIs whereas other nodes have very complex configuration GUIs.

node configuration

The upcoming interface

Sympathy for Data is intuitive and easy to use node based graphical user interface (GUI). The quickest way to explore the software is to open one of our example workflow files so you can easily swap files and nodes to suit your data analysis needs

Sympathy for data - overview interface


A comprehensive library of components

A comprehensive library of components

An enormous library of components to help you hit the ground running.

A Beginner's Guide to Nodes and Workflows

A Beginner's Guide to Nodes and Workflows

Explore the basics of Sympathy, a powerful data analysis tool that simplifies complex workflows using configurable, interconnected nodes for seamless data processing and sharing.

ML analysis

ML analysis

Extract image data, statistics, convert images in a list into a row of features or even transform. The possibilities are endless.

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