Update ADAF with Table


Update ADAF with the full content of a Table to a specified container in the ADAF. Existing container will be replaced completely.

Opposite node:ADAF to Table
Ref. nodes:Tables to ADAFs
Input ports:


Input Table



Input ADAF

Output ports:


ADAF updated with data in input Table

Export to group (export_to_group)
Choose a container in the ADAF as target for the export
Timeseries system name (system)
Specify name of the created system in the ADAF
Timeseries raster name (raster)
Specify name of the created raster in the ADAF
Time basis column (tb)
Select a column in the Table which will be the time basis signal in the ADAF

In the standard libray there exist two nodes which exports the data from the Table format to the ADAF format. Together with the existing nodes in the reversed transiton, ADAF to Table, there exists a wide spectrum of nodes which gives the possibility to, in different ways, change between the two internal data types.

A container in the ADAF is specified in the configuration GUI as a target for the export. If the timeseries container is choosen it is necessary to specify the column in the Table which will be the time basis signal in the ADAF. There do also exist an opportunity to specify both the name of the system and raster containers, see ADAF for explanations of containers.

class node_table2adaf.UpdateADAFWithTable[source]