Environment Requirements Specifications

Document Version: 1.0

These software specifications (“Environment Requirements”) define the environment on which the Licensed Software can receive Support under the Support Terms and can be expected to perform in accordance with the License Agreement.

  1. Definitions and Interpretation

    The definitions herein shall have the same meaning set out in the License Agreement and/or Support Terms.

  2. Hardware Requirements

    1. Processor

      Minimum: Any Intel or AMD x86-64 processor supported by the supported Operating systems.

      Recommended: Any Intel or AMD x86-64 processor with at least four logical cores.

    2. Disk

      Minimum: 2 GB of HDD space for the Software. Additional space is required to load and handle data during the use of the Software.

      Recommended: An SSD is recommended.

    3. RAM

      Minimum: 4 GB

      Recommended: 16 GB

    4. Graphics

      Minimum: A graphics card with OpenGL support.

      Recommended: Nvidia GPU with CUDA support.

  3. Operating Systems

    The following operating systems are tested and supported:

    1. Windows

      Windows 10, The latest two major releases (e.g., 20H2 or 21H1)

    2. Linux

      The latest Ubuntu LTS version

    The Licensed Software might run on older or different version of Windows, Linux or even MacOS, but Support for those operating systems is not included in the Standard Support. Combine will perform best effort in economical limits to support Designated Users of Licensee with a Premium Support agreement.

  4. Packaging

    The Licensed Software will be packaged as an installer or Python binary distribution wheel depending on the operating system.

    1. Installer

      The installer for the Windows operating system contains the Licensed Software itself and all components, such as Python Interpreter and all Python package the Licensed Software depends on.

    2. Python binary distribution wheel

      A Python binary distribution wheel (“Wheel”) can be supplied “as is” and support is limited to correctly supported Python environments. The Wheel is meant to be installed into supported Python environments (see Section 5). During the installation process, a connection to the internet is required to download all required third party open-source Python packages from the official Python Packaging Index at https://pypi.org. Alternatively, other Python packaging Indexes hosted and maintained by the Licensee, or a Third Party can be used instead of the official one in case they provide all required Python Packages as specified in the release notes of the Licensed Software.

      Nevertheless, Combine will not guarantee the correct function of the Licensed Software nor will Combine be responsible for any Third-Party Python Packages installed on the Users device.

  5. Python Environment

    Limited support is valid with Premium Support level for Python environments created under following conditions:

    1. Base Python versions as listed in the release documentation of the Licensed Software, e.g., CPython 3.7. Other flavors and versions of Python, such as PyPy or Jython, are not supported.

    2. The Software shall be installed in its own, specific Python virtual environment. All Python packages required for the Licensed Software shall be installed in the version as specified in the release notes of the Licensed Software.

  6. Other infrastructure requirements

    1. A connection to the internet via port 80 is required for the activation of the License and in periodic intervals for the License checks. In case the Licensee uses a proxy server in its network, auto discovery protocols need to be supported.

    2. The Licensee is responsible for the distribution of the Licensed Software to the Authorized Users within the organization, without leaking the Licensee specific installation package(s).

The Software Specification may be updated from time to time, and such updates may constitute a change in specification.