Figure Compressor


Compress a list of Figures into one Figure.

Ref. nodes:Figure
Input ports:


List of Figures

Output ports:


A Figure with the configured axes, lines, labels, etc

Parent figure: (parent_figure)
Specify the figure from which axes parameters and legend position are copied.
Join legends (join_legends)
Set if legends from different axes should be joined into one legend.
Legend position: (legend_location)
Defines the position of the joined legend.
Make first colorbar global (join_colorbars)
If checked, the colorbar from the first figure becomes a global colorbar in the output figure.
Auto recolor (auto_recolor)
Automatically recolor all artists to avoid using a color multiple times, if possible.
Auto rescale axes (auto_rescale)
Automatically rescale all axes to fit the visible data.
class node_figure.FigureCompressor[source]

Example flows