Conditional Propagate


Conditional propagate takes a configurable predicate function (a function that returns True or False) from the configuration and uses it to decide which input to return to the output.

The function is applied to the input data for the node. So for example if the input port is connected to a table port the argument of the lambda will be a table.File. Have a look at the Data type APIs to see what methods and attributes are available on the data type that you are working with.

If the lambda function returns True, the data from the first port is written to the output, otherwise the data from the second port is written to the output.

Input ports:


First, returned if predicate held true



Second, returned if predicate did not hold true



Data for the predicate comparison

Output ports:


Output, First if the predicate holds true otherwise Second

Condition (predicate)
Either predicate function
class node_filter_list.ConditionalPropagate[source]