Filter image


Applies simple filtering or scaling algorithms on an image. For more complex operations see the more specialized image manipulation nodes


  • abs

    Computes absolute value or complex magnitude of image

  • angle

    Gives the phase angle of a complex image

  • center image

    Shifts image so that center of mass lies in center of image

  • clamp

    Restricts the output values to a given maximum/minimum


    The minimum output value that can be passed through


    The maximum output value that can be passed through

  • gaussian

    Two-dimensional Gaussian filter


    Standard deviation of gaussian filter along X-axis


    Standard deviation of gaussian filter along Y-axis

    border mode:

    Determines how the array borders are handled


    Value outside image borders when method constant is used.

  • hessian determinant

    Computes an approximation of the determinant of the hessian matrix for each pixel.


    Standard deviation of gaussian kernel (default 3.0) used for calculating Hessian.

    Approximation is not reliable for sigma < 3.0

  • imag

    Gives the imaginary part of a complex image

  • integral image

    Creates the integral image of the input.

    An integral image contains at coordinate (m,n) the sum of all values above and to the left of it.

    S(m,n) = sum(im[0:m, 0:n])

  • normalize

    Adds a (positive) scale and offset so that smallest/highest value in image becomes 0 and 1 respectively.

    Operates on each channel separately


    Minimum value after normalization


    Maximum value after normalization

  • real

    Gives the real valued part of a complex image

  • scale/offset

    Adds a scale and/or an offset to each channel equally


    Scale factor applied to image before offset


    Offset applied to image after scale

  • to integer

    Converts all channels into integer data

Input ports:

source : image

source image to filter
Output ports:

result : image

result after filtering
Algorithm (algorithm)
(no description)
scale (scale)
(no description)
k (k)
(no description)
sigma-y (sigma-y)
(no description)
sigma-x (sigma-x)
(no description)
maximum (maximum)
(no description)
border mode (border mode)
(no description)
minimum (minimum)
(no description)
offset (offset)
(no description)
sigma (sigma)
(no description)

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class node_general_filters.GeneralImageFiltering[source]