Select columns in Table with Regex


Select all columns whose names match a regex.

Input ports:


Input Table

Output ports:


Table with a subset of the incoming columns

Remove matching columns (complement)
When enabled, matching columns will be removed. When disabled, non-matching columns will be removed.
Search (regex)
Regex search pattern for matching column names.

There are many situations where you may want to throw away some of the columns of a table. Perhaps the amount of data is large and you want to trim it to increase performance, or perhaps some column was just needed as an intermediary step in some analysis.

If you want to remove columns from a Table the standard libray has two nodes (plus two list variants) for doing that. The node Select columns in Table will let you select what columns to keep in a gui, while the node Select columns in Table with Table instead takes a second input table with a filter column containing the names of all the columns that should be kept (if complement is disabled) or all the columns that should be thrown away (if complement is enabled).

class node_select_table_columns.SelectTableColumnsRegex[source]

Example flows