Ensure columns in Tables with Table


Ensure the existence of columns in Tables by using an additional Table with the name of the columns that must exist. Select to get the result of the check as the form of an exception or as an added dummy signal. The type of the dummy signal is by default float with all elements set to NaN. Finally mask, can also be used. In that case, a type column also needs to be selected. Otherwise it is ignored. When mask is used, and ensured columns are missing, these will be created as fully masked arrays of the select types.

Ref. nodes:Rename columns in Tables
Input ports:





Input Tables

Output ports:


Output Table

Column with column names (columns)
Name of column with names of the columns that must exist
Column with column types (types)
Name of column with types of the columns that must exist, only for use with “Masked Signal” reporting
Action of missing columns: (reporting)
Select action if columns are missing

Ensure the existence of one or several signals in Tables by either getting an exception or adding a dummy signal to the dataset.

class node_ensure_columns.EnsureColumnsOperation[source]