Figure from Table


Create a Figure from a data Table.

Both of the nodes Figure from Table and Figures from Tables are used to configure figures in a graphical user interface. They both output the figure(s) on the upper port and a configuration table on the lower port. The configuration table can be used in the nodes Figure from Table with Table and Figures from Tables with Table.

The configuration gui for these nodes consists of a toolbar and a tree view. The tree view has two columns; one for the configuration items and one for their values.

You can add plots to the figure by clicking on its corresponding button in the toolbar, or by pressing on a plot button and dragging it to where in the tree view you want it (possible drop locations will be shown in green). The plot will be added with some basic properties depending on which plot type you added (e.g. X Data and Y Data for line plot). Almost all configuration items support more than the default properties. To add more, right-click on a configuration item and choose “Add…” or “Add property” depending on what you want to add.

Properties that allow free text are interpreted as python code and executed. In this python evironment the input data table is available under the name table. This means that one can refer to data columns by writing something like table.col('My data column').data. Have a look at the Table API to see all the available methods and attributes.

Use the node Export Figures to write any figures you produce to files.





Input data




Output figure





Configuration window
class node_figure.FigureFromTableWithTreeView[source]